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A modern Guestbooks designed for cultural sites.

Collect feedback from your visitors, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, optimize and share their experiences.

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Comprehensive solution

Form Editing

Quickly create your own forms to collect relevant information about your visitors

Detailed charts

Optimize your routes and content with detailed statistics of your visitor feedback.

Data collection

Create a database of your visitors by collecting their contact information and preferences.

Connect and share

Pin the best reviews, share them on your website and get feedback on your Wivi visit interface.

Flexible offer

Software License

You already dispose of a your own device? With the help of our tech team, quickly deploy the Gbook app on your device and enjoy all its services in record time!


Full Equipment

Receive expert advice from our team, who will propose you the most relevant pre-configured equipment adapted to your use.


You already have a project in mind or need assistance  ?